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What does P+R mean?

The two letters mean Park and Ride, which can be translated as parking your private car and then boarding public transport. This means that the car park is primarily intended for customers who park their car at the entrance to the city to continue their journey by public transport.

How does a P+R work?

A P+R is a parking lot for motorists who continue their journey using public transport. In the Brussels Region, the access management system is based on the recognition of vehicle registration plates. The terminal at the entrance of the car park does not issue a ticket.

The motorist submits his application for registration on the car park website. Once the application has been accepted, the license plate serves as an identifier. The subscriber presents himself at the entrance of the car park. The camera identifies the registration and opens the barrier. The motorist parks his vehicle and uses public transport to get to his destination. On the way back, the user uses public transport to get to the car park and picks up his vehicle. He goes to the exit where the camera identifies the vehicle again and opens the barrier.

Which address to record in my GPS?

The recommended addresses and itineraries for accessing the various car parks are posted on their respective websites.

Who can access the P+R?

A P+R aims to relieve congestion in the city. Brussels motorists and commuters in the surrounding area are therefore clearly targeted. They are invited to leave their vehicles there at advantageous conditions to continue their journey by public transport.

To date, the car park is therefore accessible primarily to commuters. To benefit from a subscription, you must first* reside more than 2 kilometres and up to 40 kilometres from the car park and have a workplace located more than 2 kilometres from the car park. *However, each request is treated with care: for example, if you do not have an alternative and the parking occupancy rate allows it, then it is possible to subscribe to a subscription.

Other rate plans also exist for occasional users and residents according to the specific terms of the rate plans posted on the website.

What advantages does my MOBIB card offer?

MOBIB customers and subscribers benefit from priority access to the car park and a preferential rate, according to the special conditions of the rate packages posted on the car park website. To obtain a preferential rate, the “MOBIB” user must have used public transport after parking his vehicle.

How much does it cost?

Access to the car park is free in 2019 for subscribed users and paid for by occasional users who do not use public transport.

From 2020 onwards, the pricing formulas posted on the car park website will apply to all categories of users.

Will I receive a subscription card?

No, access to the car park is dematerialized. It is the license plate number registered at the time of registration that serves as the parking permit. Be careful to ensure that the plate is clean and easy to read.

I would like to access the car park with another vehicle, is this possible?

If you wish to use a second vehicle you must register it via your user account. If you wish to use a temporary vehicle (e. g. due to a breakdown or repair), please contact the Customer Service to submit a request for a temporary plate change.

I do not own the vehicle, can I subscribe? must be able to verify that the registered vehicle is driven by the registered user, which is why it is requested, for example, when applying for a P+R subscription to provide a copy of the vehicle registration certificate and a copy of the insurance card, as well as a copy of your identity card to perform this verification. If the vehicle is not in your name (company vehicle, leasing, or other…) you will be asked to provide the following information as appropriate:

The vehicle is the property of a third party: a copy of the insurance contract attesting that you are the main driver

Company car: certificate from the company stating that you are the main driver

Rental or leasing car: copy of the rental or leasing contract in your name

Temporary resident status: copy of the lease or proof of payment of the secondary residence tax

Temporary or courtesy vehicle: request for a temporary plate change with new registration number of the replacement vehicle. Contact customer service.

How are we billed and how often?

The “P+R” subscriber will automatically receive at the end of the month the statement related to the use of the car park and will be asked to pay the cost of his or her parking.

The “local” or “classic” subscriber must pay for his or her subscription by credit card via the payment platform before being able to access the car park.

Occasional users must pay the cost of their parking at the parking payment office before leaving the car park.

Is the car park accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes, the car park is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is the parking area secure and how?

Yes, the parking lot is secure. It is equipped with surveillance cameras that are connected to a control room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing the car park manager to mobilize the appropriate intervention services in the event of problems.

However, the operator declares himself not liable for theft and damage.

What type of vehicles can the car park accommodate?

Access to the car park is strictly reserved for vehicles with a legal license plate and legally insured. The entrance to the car park is only open to passenger cars. Trailer vehicles, as well as caravans and mobile homes are not allowed. For the P+R CERIA, the total height must not exceed 2.10 m and access to LPG vehicles is prohibited.

How to get into the car park on foot on weekends, in the evening and at night if the car park is closed?

You must enter your plate number at the pedestrian reader at the car park access door. If you forget your license plate number, call our remote assistance service via the intercom. They will open you up remotely after asking you a series of questions and checking your identity.

How to ensure that the car park has charging stations for electric cars?

The parking site informs you about the presence of charging stations via the pictogram of a car equipped with an electrical outlet. The CERIA car park, for example, has charging stations for 34 electric cars. An electric car pays for its consumption in accordance with the conditions posted on the charging station and/or at the parking lot reception desk.

How to make sure that the car park has space for motorcycles?

The parking site informs you about the presence of motorcycle spaces via the pictogram of a motorcycle. The CERIA car park, for example, has 51 spaces for motorcycles. A motorcycle pays 50% of the car fare.

How can we ensure that the car park has spaces for people with reduced mobility (PMR)?

The parking site informs you about the presence of PMR spaces via the PMR pictogram representing a person in a wheelchair. For example, the CERIA car park has 31 PMR spaces. The spaces are distributed on all levels in the immediate vicinity of the pedestrian access to the car park and are signposted and easily identifiable. All parking facilities are adapted to PMR users. PMR users pay the same rate as non-MPR users.

How to register?

Registration is done in two steps:

Step 1: You must create a user account and then send a request to access the P+R. When creating your user account, you must provide the requested information. An email will be sent to you confirming that you are registered as a user. If your personal data changes, please update the information or contact Customer Service immediately.

Step 2: You must submit your request for access to the P+R by providing the required supporting documents according to the chosen tariff formula. An email confirming that your vehicle is registered as you will be sent. NB: for riverside subscriptions and occasional packages, you do not need to provide a copy of the MOBIB card or an employer certificate, but you accept the general and specific conditions relating to the packages chosen.

Is the car park accessible to participants in an event in the city centre?

A P+R car park is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for whatever reason you want to access it, except the P+R Crainhem car park, which is currently reserved for subscribers. Nevertheless, some partner events give the right to preferential rates at the conditions communicated by the event organizer.

Is the website secure?

Yes, the website is secure because it is an “https” connection. When you register for the subscription, the data you enter is encrypted and is not stored beyond the time required to process your request.

How do I change or delete my account?

You can edit or delete your account by logging into your user account or, please send an email to customer service ( The deletion of your account will be confirmed as soon as possible. You can also modify or delete your account via your user account.

In which case can I get a refund of my subscription?

General rules :

  • All annual subscriptions are eligible for a refund.
  • Refunds are made on a pro rata basis for the remaining subscription time. A started month being considered as used.
  • Refunds will only be made by bank transfer.
  • Refunds must be made to the card used to purchase the subscription.
  • A refund request submitted after the validity date of the subscription concerned will not give rise to a refund.

Terms and conditions of repayment:

  • The refund of a parking subscription is possible in case of:
  • Change of workplace address: provide an employer certificate indicating the new workplace
  • Change of address: provide proof that a declaration of change of address has been made to the administration of the new municipality of residence (model 2)
  • Departure abroad: provide an employment contract (or amendment) or a rental lease abroad
  • Non-acceptance of a tariff increase: send a letter
  • Force majeure (parking lot closure beyond 4 weeks): send a letter

Procedure and time limit for reimbursement:

  • To proceed with the refund, please return the attached statement of claim together with the proof of your situation.
  • Requests can be addressed to us:
    • by email:  
    • by mail to the following address:

Brussels Regional Parking Agency

Rue de l’Hôpital, 31

B-1000 Brussels

or via our ticket office during the following opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 1 pm.

  • The repayment terms are a maximum of 6 weeks.

How to file a complaint? does everything possible to ensure you a quality service. However, no one is immune to malfunction and we attach great importance to keeping our customers satisfied.

Simply contact Customer Service by sending an email to customer service (