At present, is actively managing two car parks as a Park & Ride: P+R Ceria and P+R Kraainem.

The Lennik-Erasme car park offers 175 P+R subscriptions through the private company Indigo. Different terms apply here from those of

The other Park & Rides are free to enter.

NEWS: P+R for free and Cycloparking lowers rates by 75% on September 5th 2022.  Read more…

Car park + public transport combo | Coovi, Kraainem

Casual P+R usageFree on display of a public transport ticket when making payment

Parking without using public transport

Classic subscription7/7 days – 24 hours: €100 /month
5/7 days – 7am > 7pm: €75 /month
N/A in the case of parking Kraainem
Casual usageFixed rate
€1 /hour
€3 /evening (7pm > 1am)
€15 /24 hours
Resident subscription7/7 days – 24 hours: €50 /month
7/7 days – 6am > 7pm + weekends: €25 /month

Secure bicycle parking

Bike & Ride subscription
Sign up:
7/7 days – 24 hours: €15 /year

P+R Ceria-Coovi